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Suerte International Limited (UK) provides consultancy services for planning, integration, import and export of high end instrumentation and systems for energy and power generation, wet waste management, oil extraction and refining, mining and hazardous materials. Headed by Leslie Matthews and Zhao Huilian, Suerte International Limited (UK) is part of a group of companies including, Shanghai Towa Seiden Industrial Co. Ltd. (China) Shanghai Suerte Investment Management Co. Ltd. (China)

Suerte International Ltd (UK)

Involved in all areas of Dry and Wet Waste management systems, (waste to energy) from system and product concept, feasibility study, through to order placement. Suerte International is able to offer a unique service to UK and European manufacturing companies wishing to promote Waste management systems in China. Providing that vital link between the manufacturers in Europe and China. Also the export of high end Instrumentation through a network of distributors in Europe North America and China. With particular experience in supplying equipment for the Aluminum industry in North America, Australia and China. Power stations projects in South Africa and Hong Kong. Also help in setting up distributors in a number of countries.

Shanghai Tower Seiden Industrial Co Ltd (China)

Established in 1994 are a distributor for Emerson Process Management, (Mobrey Measurement UK) and Towa Seiden Industrial Co. Ltd. Japan. Also covering Management functions for the Chinese market promoting and setting up direct sales networks for Hobre Instruments and Pro-analysis in the Netherlands. Supporting and offering guidance in establishing Joint Ventures to allow local manufacture of plant and Instrumentation; whilst ensuring the Intellectual Property Rights of manufacturers is maintained. Is an executive member of the Shanghai Environmental Protection Association. Experience in supplying crude oil metering systems through out China, also Gas metering systems. Many years experience in supplying equipment for the waste water treatment plants across China. The supply of High pressure boiler controls in power stations. Able to offer after sales maintenance service to equipment sold and installed.

To get in touch with Shanghai Tower Seiden Industrial, please visit their website or use our Contact Us form.

Shanghai Suerte Investment Management Co. Ltd (China)

Able to offer support and guidance in obtaining financial backing for large Waste Management systems from the Shanghai Financial markets. Connections with manufacturing companies able to offer advice in setting up joint manufacturing venture.

Suerte International are experience in the import and export of high end instrumentation and systems in a number of Western and Eastern European countries, South Africa, China, Australasia, and Asia Pacific to industries including Power Generation, Waste Water Treatment, Crude Oil metering Skids, Wobbe index analysis in fuel gas industry, wet gas metering, oil in water detection, on-line analysis in offshore and onshore, software for order management, Batch controllers, water pipe net leakage detection, Hazardous wastes, metals.